Magic Leap AR Star Wars Experience Will Bring R2-D2 to Your Living Room

By Gerald Lynch on at

Despite gathering a ridiculous $1.39 billion in funding, few people beyond its developers and investors know the specifics of what augmented reality specialist Magic Leap is up to. But today, we got a Star Wars-powered glimpse of what the technology is capable of. And blimey, it looks impressive.

Announcing a partnership with Lucasfilm to create immersive Star Wars experiences, the company showed off an impressive demo starring R2-D2 and C-3PO. Shot using Magic Leap hardware, it showed the two droids wandering around an office environment, through the power of AR.

Now, it's broadly similar to what Microsoft is doing with its HoloLens tech. But just look at the detail on show there – they look like the real, life-size characters ripped straight out of the movies, complete with the series' signature holograms too. What's even more impressive is that John Gaeta of the ILMxLAB team behind the clip states that no post-processing has been applied to the video above – what you see there will essentially be what's presented through the Magic Leap hardware.

While Magic Leap and Lucasfilm won't share details on the specific Star Wars projects it'll be bringing to consumers, the new partnership will see Industrial Light and Magic make room for a new experimental lab filled with Magic Leap employees. So it's a serious collaboration in the works here.

As for any fresh details on a consumer Magic Leap hardware launch, CEO Rony Abovitz optimistically teased a test of the hardware's production line capabilities taking place, with "debugging" of a system, ready for "shipping", "coming soon". [Wired]