Man Shot and Killed During Facebook Live Stream

By Gary Cutlack on at

A video live-streamed on Facebook by a man from Chicago has gone viral in the very worst way imaginable, after he was shot and killed while in the middle of his broadcast.

28-year-oldĀ Antonio Perkins was live-streaming a video in which he was talking into his mobile's camera along with a group of friends in his home neighbourhood, before gunshots were heard. There's then some screaming and it's all not very pleasant. For some reason Facebook is refusing to have the post pulled, as the fact that it doesn't glorify violence in any way means it's not violating any of its terms and conditions, so can stay up and be surrounded by advertising.

The US news reports say Perkins had three kids under the age of 8, and although he'd had some ties with gangs in the past, he'd recently sorted himself out and got a job at a McDonald's. [BBC]

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