M&D's Theme Park Stays Closed After Roller Coaster Crash Horror

By Gary Cutlack on at

Eight children and two adults are currently in hospital after a roller coaster derailed in a Scottish theme park, with the Strathclyde Country Park deciding it might be best to stay closed for a bit rather than charge people to come in and rubberneck a heap of mangled metal.

The accident happened late on Sunday afternoon, when the Tsunami ride at the park derailed. Witnesses say it was packed with visitors hoping to get a bit pretend scared, until it came off the tracks and everyone got significantly more of a scare than they'd paid for. The horrifying news emerging from the aftermath includes the case of one 11-year-old boy who spent the night worrying about losing his arm -- but his grandad happily told everyone they'd managed to save it today. One 12-year-old girl is rumoured to have suffered head injuries and is in a coma.

Being a 2016 disaster everyone's been talking about it on the internet, with witness Katie Burns telling her Facebook followers: "Literally got off the Tsunami at M&Ds and then walking past and the next lot of people get on and the full thing goes off the tracks. Kids and adults are still on it upside down, it's like something out a horror film, children crying and everything."

There's also some grainy bystander footage available on YouTube, although it's all probably a bit too grim to bother with on an already quite grim Monday. And what sort of dick films an accident scene on their phone anyway? [Herald Scotland]

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