Microsoft's Outlook and Hotmail Users Besieged by Spam

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft gave all of its email service users a glimpse into what the world of email would be like without any sort of spam filtering in place, and it wasn't pretty. Outlook and Hotmail account holders reported floods of unsolicited emails hitting them, as whatever filters MS has in place to stop the spammers failed.

Microsoft's Office 365 support page emotionlessly walked us through the process, initially saying that "Some users may have been receiving excessive spam mail," before closing the case and saying it first implemented a short-term fix (turning something off?) before putting in place a longer-term solution (waiting for it to turn back on again?).

While Microsoft didn't say what the problem was, it certainly had a lot of people questioning their decades-long sticking with Hotmail, as users reported receiving one spam message per minute during the period of initial attack. The second fix Microsoft says it put in place is designed to stop the messages getting through to its own backend infrastructure in the first place, so Outlook users ought to be able to log back in again today without getting a notification battering. [BBC]

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