Music Tourists, Coming Over Here and Listening to Bands, Help Add £3.7bn to the Economy

By Gary Cutlack on at

A report into the outdoors-going music habits of the nation has revealed that an incredible 27.7 million people attended live music of some sort in the UK last year, an increase on the previous year's numbers partly fuelled by a 16 per cent rise in overseas music tourists coming here to listen to bands in our clubs, pubs and stadiums.

The full report [PDF] breaks the numbers down by region, revealing such rare statistical gems as the East Midlands earning £162m in direct and indirect spend from live music events, and Scotland benefitting to the tune of £295m from people listening to worse versions of album tracks, urinating on the floor, emotionlessly filming the entire thing on their mobile phone and spending £40 on a t-shirt.

For the first time, UK Music has recorded stats from trips to so-called grassroots venues too, the smaller places where people who've not been on the telly very much play, revealing that even our pubs and clubs contributed £231m via the 5.6 million visits made.

Including everything from banjo players in pubs to stadium rockers, the total take by UK concerts was £3.7bn last year, a 7 per cent increase on the previous year. [Wish You Were Here [PDF]]

Image credit: Live music from Shutterstock

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