Netflix Offline Mode is Reportedly Coming This Year

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The Netflix feature we’ve all been calling for is reportedly set to arrive before the end of the year. According to LightReading, users should be able to save videos for offline viewing at some point in the coming months, enabling young people to 'Netflix and Chill' literally anywhere.

There’s been no official announcement from the company, but industry insider Dan Taitz, the COO of Penthera, a software company that brings TV shows to mobile devices, told the publication, “We know from our sources within the industry that Netflix is going to launch this product. My expectation is that by the end of the year Netflix will be launching download-to-go as an option for their customers.”

It’s hard not to get too ahead of ourselves. Recent quotes from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings indicated that the company was open to a move away from the streaming-only model, but few of us expected an offline mode to arrive this year.

“While our focus remains on delivering a great streaming experience, we are always exploring ways to make the service better," said spokesperson Anne Marie Squeo in a feeble attempt to calm us all down. "We don't have anything to add at this time.”

We’ll let you know more when there’s more to know. [LightReading, PhoneArena]