New BT Smart Hub Boosts Wi-Fi Range (and You Can Get it For Free)

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

BT has revealed its latest piece of unseen-corner-of-the-living-room bling, the Smart Hub. Due out this summer, the router is designed to increase range, with BT saying it can provide internet connectivity to a laptop up to 500m (and a wall) away.

The quoted numbers are slightly lower for tablets (up to 350m) and smartphones (up to 300m), but from the sounds of it, that won’t be in all directions. Pretty impressive on-paper possibilities, regardless. Mansion-dwelling customers have yet another reason to be happy.

Technical bits now. The Smart Hub features seven antennae -- 3x3 2.4GHz and 4x4 5GHz -- as well as four Gigabit Ethernet ports, a USB hole and a pair of little feet. The removable password card that slides in and out of the side of the main body is a simple but handy addition. If you lose it (let’s face it, you probably will) there’s another label on the router itself.

BT says the Smart Hub’s Advanced Interference Filters will, well, block interference, while something called Smart Scan will automatically make updates when nobody’s online. Meanwhile, the blue light that shines above and below the big BT-branded panel will change colour whenever something goes wrong, though customers will be able to dim it or switch it off entirely.

The company hasn’t yet announced an official release date, but says the Smart Hub will be available to existing customers first. Though the RRP is £129.99, new BT Infinity customers can get it for free, while existing Infinity customers can do the same by re-contracting. If you're on Infinity and can't be bothered going down that route, it’s £50.

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