New Environmental Science A-Level Covers Drones, DNA Testing and Global Warming

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new Environmental Science course about to be offered to anyone not eyeing up the easy life of the scrapheap at 16 wants to teach kids about the basics of the modern world, including all the exciting things people talk about all the time now, like drones, why it's always hot and either rainy or a drought, the basics of DNA testing and more.

The course has been assembled by exam board AQA, which is in the process of submitting it to educational standards watchdog Ofqual and, if approved, should be ready for people to start studying this September.

Energy sustainability and fracking are also scheduled to be covered, with course developer Richard Genn saying: "Climate change, diminishing resources and failing energy security are amongst the most critical issues facing the world today. Planet Earth didn't come with a user guide, so it's vital that we equip the current generation of students with the right knowledge and skills so they understand the impact that decisions we make now will have on future generations."

GPS tracking of wildlife, testing the legality of the timber supply chain, mapping the activity of illegal poachers by drone and more await any teenage David Attenboroughs out there who can't face two more years of maths or English literature. [PA]

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