New James Bond: Who is Aidan Turner, the Man Tipped to Be Next 007?

By Gary Cutlack on at

He made our terrible list of potential Bonds when news broke that Daniel Craig had definitely, for real this time and he means it, thrown his hat out of the ring. So who is Aidan Turner and will he be any good? He's the current hot tip to be announced as the new Bond, so be must be OK at least.

BBC drama Being Human marked his breakthrough after a few years of acting school and being in low key plays, which led to The Hobbit and Poldark and all of a sudden he's A-list, just like that. Turner wasn't always an actor, though. He was an apprentice electrician for a bit after leaving school, so should at least look believable when operating gadgetry or defusing a ticking dirty nuclear bomb placed deep within Westminster tube station -- plus any sort of safety certificate he already holds ought to help the producers lessen their insurance risk. Maybe that's why he got the job.

He was only born in 1983, which means he's about 33 or so depending on what month he was born in. That's quite young for a Bond, as we'd expect a man in such a high position within the UK government to have put in a few more years of admin and service before hitting the 00 ranks.

Here he is doing some acting, some of which doesn't involve taking his shirt off:

And here he is wearing a really stupid hat:

The Hobbit was his biggest job by far and he has a pre-existing internet fan base thanks to being quite the modern BBC costume drama TV hunk, so ought to bring a bit of box office clout with him; plus the Daily Mail will go mad for the inevitable swimwear/shirt-off sequences, so that's more publicity assured too. But is the world ready for another Irish Bond?

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