New MacBook Concept Shows What That OLED Touch Panel Might Look Like

By Gary Cutlack on at

Weird and unverified rumours from suppliers and people one step higher in the news chain than guesswork artists think that Apple's next generation MacBook Pro may do away with the function key row, binning it in favour of an OLED capacitive touch panel above the main row of keys -- for reasons to do with Apple not being able to come up with any other new ways to make this year's laptops appear new and exciting.

To save on the effort of having to imagine what a capacitive function keys area might look like, someone's mocked up a version, including the larger trackpad as hinted at in previous case leaks:

The good news is that it might mean these buttons change contextually, depending on what you're doing. If you're looking at the internet, they'll do nothing. If you're blogging about new Apple products, they could paste in preset phrases like "amazing" and "redefines." If you're watching a video, they might be less convenient control shortcuts. And so on. Surely someone will think of a good reason for this to exist at some point. [9to5 Mac]

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