New Top Gear Stalls as Series Loses a Third of its Debut Episode Viewers

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Get out of the way, people, more fuel for the Top Gear bonfire coming through! A huge drop in viewing figures for the revamped series has been revealed, with a disappointing 2.8 million people tuning in to episode two of the Chris Evans-fronted show last night.

That compares to 4.3 million viewers for episode one, though Evans says that consolidated figures (including iPlayer numbers) surpassed the 5.6 million mark. He previously said he’d be disappointed if the show drew in less than 5 million viewers, so he's probably looking a bit glum but somehow still irritating in an empty room right now.

2.8 million is reportedly Top Gear’s worst turnout in a decade.

While it’s still sort of nice to see Evans squirm -- his performance in last night’s episode was once again described in less-than-favourable terms on Twitter last night -- much of the rest of the show picked up praise online, with co-presenter Matt LeBlanc proving the biggest hit.

Oh to be a fly on the wall at the next team meeting. [Guardian]