Noel Edmonds Promotes Bizarre Cancer-Beating Magnetic Gadget

By Gary Cutlack on at

Noel Edmonds has finally lost it, and you can't say the warning signs haven't been there for a long time. The radio broadcaster and TV presenter who hit the headlines with his odd electrosmog warnings last year has started promoting the iMRS device – a supposed health gadget that enhances "cell function" when you lie on it for a few minutes. It's a very expensive modern version of wearing a crystal around your neck or a copper bracelet or eating lentils.

Edmonds has completely blown his public support with this tweet in which he says that the iMRS "..reduces pain, lifts depression and stress and tackles cancer. Yep tackles cancer!" a boast that even us, with literally zero medical knowledge, know to be utter nonsense. If you could beat cancer by lying on a magnetic blanket, Noel, they'd come fitted as standard to all our beds. Of all the stupid things Edmonds has done, claiming a gadget beats cancer tops them all. The Top of the Pops presenter curse strikes again.

The Edmonds-backed iMRS explains how it combats electrosmog with:

"Studies have confirmed that unless living cells are exposed to a pulsed magnetic field, they die within hours. Without the earth’s magnetic field, humans cannot survive. Incompatible manmade frequencies (referred to as “electro smog”), created by cell phones, WiFi connections, televisions, microwaves and other electronic devices, have made it increasingly difficult for the positive frequencies to reach humans. As a result, there is a worldwide increase in stress, depression, insomnia, autoimmune disorders, chronic pain and cancer. The iMRS Wellness System combats electro smog, allowing you to take charge of your health without any side effects, surgeries or pills."

Or anything actually happening at all. Should you believe it, like Edmonds, a Swiss Bionic iMRS or Omnium 1 device can be had for the bargain price of $65 a month. And seeing as you'll be living forever thanks to it, those payments will add up to quite the sum. [iMRS via Twitter]