North Korea Just Conducted its Most Successful Mid-Range Missile Launch Yet

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Kim Jong-un has once again reminded everyone that he’s more than just a big toddler with an ahead-of-his-time haircut by reportedly launching a pair of mid-range ballistic missiles off North Korea’s eastern coast.

The first rocket flopped, flying for around 150km before falling into the Sea of Japan, while the second apparently travelled for 400km, reaching an altitude of 1,000km. That would make it the nation’s most successful test so far.

Both are believed to have been Musudan missiles, which are said to be capable of travelling between 2,500km and 4,000km, though estimates differ.

Needless to say, its neighbours have been rattled by the activities. North Korea is banned from any use of ballistic missile technology by the UN, and South Korea is set to hold a national security meeting to discuss the supreme leader's latest bit of bad behaviour. [BBC]