Northern Newspaper 24 Launches Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

A newspaper designed to have a certain "northern flavour" has launched today. Called 24, the concept is to bin the usual London-centric media nonsense in favour of something that gives more weight to the stories from the upper parts of the UK while remaining politically neutral.

It's published by CN Group, with its editorial director David Helliwell telling the BBC: "There’s so much that happens in the UK that only a fraction of it gets into our newspapers and it can be very south-dominated," promising a paper that has a "northern perspective, rather than a south-east perspective" and will give more coverage to the local sports teams instead of it all being about Chelsea all the time.

The bosses assembled a terribly dreary YouTube video in their offices to celebrate the event:

The faces and body language of men who know they're going to be made redundant in three months' time, much like the staff of 2016's other new newspaper, New Day, which flopped into and out of existence earlier this year, to the interest of virtually no one. [Guardian]

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