Now TV Launches New Contract-Free Combo Service With Souped-Up Smart Box

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Now TV this morning announced Combo, a new service combining TV streaming with broadband and landline calls. All without a contract.

Combo is, of course, built around the new Now TV Smart Box, which offers Freeview channels alongside a bunch of paid Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Entertainment and Kids' channels, and now lets you pause and rewind live TV. The £39.99 puck, an update on its current NOW TV box, is essentially a fully fledged set-top box that requires internet access rather than an aerial or satellite to view.

It's arriving in July, though you can get it for free by including it as part of a Combo package. Described as the UK’s first contract free triple-pay bundle, it allows you to team the box up with the broadband and call packages of your choice.

There are three broadband options available: Brilliant Broadband, offering speeds up to 17Mbps, Fab Fibre (up to 38Mbps) and Super Fibre (up to 76Mbps). Similarly, there are three call package options too. These are the self-explanatory Pas As You Use package, the Evenings and Weekends option and Anytime Calls.

The cheapest combo comes in at £9.99 plus £17.99 line rental, though if you opt for an Unlimited Brilliant Broadband package, you'll also need to part with a £40 set-up fee. That rises to £50 for Unlimited Fab Fibre and Unlimited Super Fibre.

One of the biggest attractions is the flexibility to change or cancel the combo whenever you wish, though that doesn't apply to the 12-month Saver, which removes the setup fee.

Below is a series of tables explaining the various pricing options.