Official Playmobil Ghostbusters Toys Set For a Summer 2017 Release

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Playmobil and Sony movie merchandise people have come to an agreement that’ll see the toymaker release a loads of Ghostbusters playthings around the beginning of summer 2017. There’s a little teaser to go with the announcement, which you can watch below:

Hmm, not a great deal to go on there. “The toy line will bring the iconic Ghostbusters to life at home, enabling kids to create their own stories starring their favorite characters,” is what Playmobil says. “No matter where strange happenings are taking place – whether in the neighborhood or at the Playmobil Knights’ Castle – the fearless team will be ready to tackle any supernatural spirits that come their way!”

The two companies can be pretty confident that the toy set will sell pretty well, given that modern adults are actually just well-disguised toddlers in suits, and kids will always love chewing brightly-coloured plastic stuff.

However, the set's slogan needs a bit of a polishing. Here it is:

If there is something strange in your playroom, who you gonna call?