OLED Touch Panel References Pop Up in macOS Sierra Files

By Gary Cutlack on at

The numerously rumoured OLED Touch Panel that some are expecting Apple to whack into some future MacBook models has become much more of a likely thing, thanks to files within the macOS Sierra code appearing to reference the device and allowing for its use.

Specifically, the coode hook "kHIDUsage_LED_DoNotDisturb" has all the right complicated sounding bits to actually be a reference to the controller for the new touch panel, suggesting that at least one possible use for the adaptable software buttons might be to shift up some of the operating system's shortcuts from their current home in the notifications pane.

Other tags for things like Night Mode and media playback functions have also been found, plus macOS also contains pointers that suggest Apple's Touch ID system is going to make it to the Mac world quite soon. Code within Sierra allows for "biometric" confirmations to be requested by the OS -- your queue to slide a finger over a reader to unlock the machine, like it's a big phone or you really love touching it because it was so expensive and you can't believe it's real, and there, and all yours, because you're the boss now.

The machine being, hopefully, an updated MacBook Pro with all the new things on it, seeing as the current model is getting on a bit in Apple Years. [9to5Mac]

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