Orange Train Tickets Are Being Replaced

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Shed a tear for a soon-to-be-fallen friend. Traditional orange train tickets are being phased out, with ordinary-looking paper receipts replacing them.

Paper. PAPER. You can’t bend and fiddle with paper tickets like you can with card ones. You can’t stick plain paper receipts in your mouth and pretend you have American teeth like you can with the orange ones (turn them around). But worst of all, that panic when the ticket inspector comes creeping down the aisle is going to be worse now than ever. Paper receipts just aren’t as thick or eye-catching as orange tickets, and you’ll probably just end up tearing them to shreds or accidentally throwing them in a bin anyway.

Arriva, Scotrail and Great Western Railway will reportedly move away from the orange card this year, and passengers on the Cardiff-Treherbert route are already using new-style paper tickets.

“The ticket itself will contain exactly the same information,” said an Arriva spokesman. “The big change will be it is no longer printed on the same orange card. What you get will be probably very similar to what you get at a restaurant, a printer paper receipt. It will also contain a barcode that allows you to open the ticket barriers.”

The card system was never going to last forever, but a move to paper doesn’t exactly sound like a long-term solution. Mobile ticketing is the inevitable end-game, but this dog-eared hell is something I could do without. [Telegraph, Mirror]

Image: Amy Davies via Flickr