Orange Train Tickets Expected to be Killed Off by 2022

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Earlier this month, it emerged that orange train tickets were being scrapped by a small number of rail operators and it made us sad. According to an apparent insider, they’ll be all-but-gone by 2022.

“By 2022 we will see orange tickets well on their way into retirement,” said the unnamed source. “Bar codes will become the norm across the network. We want to roll out flexible tickets across the network.’

Fortunately, they’re unlikely to be replaced by horrid paper receipts, like the ones being used on the Cardiff-Treherbert route. ‘M-tickets’ (e-tickets, with the ‘e’ replaced with an ‘m’) and contactless cards -- that hopefully end up looking like orange tickets -- are instead expected to be issued, which should help cut queues at stations once all of the confusion has died down.

“Many train operators already offer tickets on mobile phones and the ability to pay to travel using smart or contactless cards,” said a spokesman for the Rail Delivery Group. “The rail industry is making buying and using train tickets simpler so that people no longer have to rely on the old orange paper type, instead using products that they are familiar with such as smartcards or barcode readers.”

The loss of an old friend still hurts. [MailOnline]