Passport Markings Turn Unfortunate Man Into Hitler

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Creepy, podgy, skinny, ugly, Adolf Hitler. This is not an odd-one-out list. Stuart Boyd, a distinctly normal-looking person from Salford, had a rather unpleasant surprise after renewing his passport last month.

Rather than opening up the little book to find an unflattering-but-entirely-acceptable picture of him, HE SAW THIS.

That’s right. Stuart Boyd had been magically transformed into the Nazi leader, complete with toothbrush moustache and what looks like the classic Hitler combover too.

After looking in the mirror to ensure he wasn’t actually Hitler, Boyd posted the shot on Facebook, where all his mates had a good old laugh at him in cyber-space, and a few people probably thought, “Yeah, told you he was still alive.”

The Passport Office has since apologised for the cock-up and has made things Reich right by issuing a free replacement. Happy holidays, Stuart. [MEN]