PlayStation VR Might be Facing Delays for Some Pre-Orders

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Party-poopers coming through. Excuse us while we thrust a pin into that lovely PlayStation VR-branded bubble you've got there.

It looks like customers who pre-ordered Sony’s upcoming virtual reality headset could have to wait longer than initially expected to receive the headset.

Matt King posted this tear-jerker of an order update email from Amazon UK on Twitter this morning, and it’s not the news he wanted to hear, especially with it coming just a few hours after Sony’s hype-building E3 conference, during which the company revealed an official release date and a bunch of new games.

His headset was originally scheduled for a November 4-7 delivery, but this is now up in the air. We don’t yet know whether or not Matt’s is an isolated case, but we’ll speak with Amazon to find out more details.