Pro-Brexit Fishing Flotilla Sails on London

By Gary Cutlack on at

A group of ships, supposedly all containing people in favour of the UK making our surrounding seas electrified no-go zones to foreigners and voting to leave the EU, is sailing up the Thames. Captain* Nigel Farage is onboard, leading a charge of people pretending not to be racist on our multicultural capital.

A short video of the attack has been posted on Facebook by The Skipper, using the hashtag #‎fishingforleave‬, who's also captured the moment the boats made it all the way to Tower Bridge. A separate image appears to show that about 10 boats made up this publicity run, with pro-exit Facebook commenters wondering why such a momentous outing up the river is yet to be featured on the BBC, ITV and/or ITN. Probably because it was just some boats on a river.

Rival boats with "In" banners are buzzing them right now, as a small-scale war between the two sides is taking place in central London's waters. No one appears to have torpedoed Farage's ship yet, though, as he's currently retweeting triumphant messages posted by Fishing for Leave using a mobile phone.

And should his battery go flat while he's out there it'll be a cinch to borrow a charger from someone else, thanks to the EU's charging connection standardisation rules.

Image credit: Nick Ward

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