Project Scorpio is the Next-Gen Xbox Two You've Been Waiting For

By Gerald Lynch on at

Microsoft's Xbox One S wasn't the company's only big hardware announcement during its E3 2016 conference. It also took to the stage to confirm its Project Scorpio device, which is, essentially, a move towards an "Xbox Two". And it sounds insanely powerful for a console.

Confirming news leaked by our pals over at Kotaku last month, Project Scorpio is Microsoft's "most powerful console to date", providing six teraflops of processing power, enough to run 4K gaming experiences and "high fidelity" VR. Which, presumably, is a dig at PlayStation VR's relatively-lowly resolution. You'd also assume that it'll be Oculus Rift that Microsoft is referring to there, considering the headset currently comes complete with an Xbox One controller.

There's no hardware to look at yet, but while we wait to see what Microsoft's got planned in terms of industrial design, here are a handful of Xbox developers getting very, very excited about the new console:

While the Xbox One S will hit shops before the end of the year, Project Scorpio, in whatever guise it eventually takes, won't be out until "holiday 2017". Which translates to next Christmas for anyone in the UK. You can't help but feel that Microsoft has just shot itself in the foot regarding the Xbox One S – why splash the cash on a slimline version of the Xbox One when a mere 12 months later it'll be thoroughly trounced by its successor? Still, Microsoft assures gamers that the current Xbox user base won't be splintered – any game developed for Project Scorpio will be compatible with the current Xbox One hardware, though you'd guess without a few graphical bells and whistles.