Rare "Strawberry Moon" Lights up Tonight's Summer Solstice Human Sacrifice Parties

By Gary Cutlack on at

Today's the longest day of the year, making it the least convenient to be an online video gamer; but one of the best to be the sort of person who goes out when it's dark to get a bit of peace and quiet. There's also going to be a nice bit of moon action, too.

The summer solstice coincides with a full moon this year, meaning when the sun goes to bed a whopping great round, beaming moon will rise opposite it in the sky -- something dreamy hippy people call a Strawberry Moon. Because the strawberries are ripening and their surfaces look a bit like lunar craters. It won't be pink, though, not unless you live in an area of high light pollution.

If you're thinking of gathering at Stonehenge to mark the event, you'd better bring some modern capitalist trappings with you, as English Heritage has, for the first time, decided to start charging for car parking at the historic site; asking for a staggering £15 admission fee for a (painted, covered in flower stickers) car. And you're not allowed to take any alcohol out into the field, although there are special rules regarding the "ceremonial use of mead" if you're really into pretending it's still the old days and have some cloudy gunk you've brewed up yourself in a wardrobe.

Sadly, the weather forecast for most of the UK is rubbish tonight, so all you'll probably see is clouds.

Image credit: Full moon from Shutterstock

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