Royal Mail Opens up Parcel Posting on Sundays

By Gary Cutlack on at

Back in 2014, the Royal Mail started opening a select few of its busiest urban post offices for business on a Sunday -- now it's expanding the service to allow people to dump larger parcels in its delivery office service points on Sundays too.

The bad news is that these service points won't come with a person to do the weighing and print out those special stamps, so posters need to have weighed and stamped their items at home first. That shouldn't be a problem for the nation's eBay sellers, who already spend their Sundays packaging up all the tat they've sold ready for posting on Monday. It may even make post offices slightly more bearable places to visit on Mondays, too, if the highest-trafficked offices process more of their things on Sundays now.

There are around 1,200 of these customer service points across the UK. Most open six days a week already. Of course, there's been nothing to stop us posting letters on a Sunday, as the Royal Mail has lots of willing slots about the place. Parcels, though, have been a problem. Not any more. [Telegraph]

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