Siri for macOS Confirmed For Those Few That Can Handle Talking to a Mac

By Gerald Lynch on at

Starbucks coffee shops are going to become noisier and even more insufferable – Siri is coming to macOS.

Siri for Mac can carry out web searches, control apps (and musical playlists), and works with Mac and iOS's Continuity features, letting you pull Siri results from one device onto another. Siri seems to (by default at least) live in the top right corner of a Mac desktop in its own little grey overlay, letting you copy and paste or drag results into documents and other apps.

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“It’s the same Siri that we know and love, but now on the Mac, it can do so much more,” Craig Federighi told the audience. That was prior the big CF getting one of the biggest cheers of the night for revealing that Apple is opening up Siri to developers.

This new frontier will let third-party developers integrate their apps with Siri’s voice-controlled functions, so you’ll be able to ask the personal assistant to order you an Uber, check your bank balance, and more.

Though Apple has agreements with a smattering of apps, like Yelp, widespread access to third-party app integration is long overdue. As many pointed outwhen the SDK rumours first popped up, introducing third-party capabilities is a vital step for Apple: Its major competitors, like Amazon’s Alexa assistant, already have third-party integration. And with the recent introduction of Google Assistant and Google Home, the virtual assistant field is becoming a lot more cutthroat. Allowing Siri to work with third-party apps—and with desktops—is an attempt to rise to the top of the pile.

And if you're into pre-programmed joke responses, Siri's still a window into Apple dev's funny bone, too.