Siri Successfully Calls an Ambulance to Help Sick Child

By Gary Cutlack on at

A person has used Siri! On purpose! And it worked! Australian mum Stacey Gleeson used Apple's voice-based assistant when she dropped her iPhone on the floor in a panic amid rushing to the aid of her stricken one-year-old daughter, then instructed the computerised lady to call for help. And it all turned out OK.

Aussie news site 7 News reports that Gleeson dropped the phone in the rush to help when noticing that her child had stopped breathing. So in the horror she shouted "Hey Siri, call the ambulance" and it did, incredibly, with it all working exactly as advertised for once.

In literally the best quote in the entire history of the world as far as Apple execs must be concerned, she said: "Kids... everybody, everybody should be aware of the abilities of their phone. It's helped save our daughter's life and I never thought I'd have to go through something like that."

Siri. Saves children's lives. Although according to the BBC Gleeson wasn't initially sold on the hands-free assistant thing and often had it turned off, explaining: "I had played around with Siri, I thought it was a fun feature. Now I have that feature turned on all the time and it will never be turned off again." [BBC]

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