Slow Charging is Sony's Odd New Marshmallow Experiment

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

An unusual discovery has been made in the latest Sony Marshmallow AOSP beta, which allows users to choose to charge their Xperia device slowly. The feature, called ‘Charging Optimization’, may sound silly, but there’s perfectly sound thinking behind it.

Simply put, it should help extend the lifetime of your phone’s battery. Batteries tend to lose capacity over time, and Sony reckons a gentler approach to charging is what’s needed to delay -- if not stop -- the rot.

However, while we approach the out-of-the-box thinking, we’re not totally sold. After all, most of us replace our smartphones long before battery life becomes unbearably bad, and it appears that individual charges through Charging Optimization won’t last quite as long as regular charges.

So it’s essentially a choice between long-term reliability and short-term convenience. Sony, I’m afraid I’m in the second group. [PhoneArena]