SpaceX Plans to Finally Relaunch a Rocket This Autumn

By Angela Chen on at

Elon Musk is ready to prove that landing the rocket on a barge in April wasn’t just a fluke. Yesterday, the SpaceX co-founder tweeted that he hoped to relaunch its four landed rockets this autumn for the first time.

The relaunch is a little behind schedule, since Musk said after the barge landing that he hoped that the rockets could fly again by June. Though a seven-month turnaround isn’t bad, the company eventually hopes that it can down the time to a matter of weeks.

Though this autumn's flight would be the first time one of SpaceX’s rockets is reused, Luxembourg-based satellite launcher SES has already expressed strong interest in championing the reusable rockets and bringing them to market. If the relaunch is successful and SpaceX continues to land even more rockets, Musk may need to get serious about needing more space for its rocket storage hangar. [Twitter]