Spotify Has Twice the UK Users as Apple Music

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stats analysing the streaming part of our digital economy say that 78 per cent of the UK population has a subscription account for something or other, be that streaming music, video, software or magazines, paid or free.

The data, released by YouGov on behalf of Zuora, breaks its numbers down into category and in some case compares services against each other, suggesting that video-on-demand, or Netflix seeing as it virtually owns the category, is subscribed to by some 27 per cent of the population, while 17 per cent have a sub to a "media publication" of some sort.

The stats claim a really quite huge 11 per cent of all people in the UK have a Spotify account, which amounts to 5.7 million people streaming their tunes. Apple Music, although newer and backed by Apple's immense marketing powers, has less than half that number, although if we could get 2.6 million people to think about paying us for a thing each month we'd probably be extremely happy.

Those numbers cover account holders only, though -- people actually paying for Spotify accounts number at 3.6m they say, with just over 1m paying for Apple Music, and a little over half a million each for Deezer and Google Play Music.

Poor old Tidal is below the 1 per cent threshold. Jay Z therefore has quite a problem with 99 per cent of the UK. [MusicAlly]

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