Sunday Fundraising Law Ruins Town's Rubber Duck Charity Sailing Regatta

By Gary Cutlack on at

Police were called to the town of Bourton-on-the-Water over the weekend, as one legally astute resident noticed a small crime taking place. The crime of using a river to make money for charity -- on a Sunday.

Apparently you're not allowed to do that on the River Windrush, so says an old bylaw that's still in place today. Which means that a well meaning push to raise money for a local NHS delivery charity by floating 100 rubber ducks down the river -- on the SABBATH -- had to be abandoned. The police were called and everything.

News aggregator SWNS quotes local resident Jonathan Dixon as saying: "It was bonkers. Everyone was having a great time and the kids were chasing after the ducks as they went down the river. Suddenly a police car came along and two officers went over and talked to some chaps who were running the event. The event was abandoned after the first few races."

The town's Chamber of Commerce and parish council both stood by the decision to get the police in, as the peace was being threatened and who's going to pay to pick up the mess, eh? [Glos Live via Huffington Post]

Image credit: Rubber ducks from Shutterstock

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