Tesco Mobile's Offering Discounts in Exchange for Watching Ads

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tesco Mobile has revealed an odd plan to encourage users to save money on their bills by watching adverts. On purpose. As if they're a national television event.

The network is giving this the vague branding of Tesco Xtras and it will, at first, allow users on Android-powered phones to install an app that'll then spam them with ads. All for a £3 a month saving on their bill. Whether or not this takes off will depend on the frequency and intrusiveness of the ads -- if you can get your monthly allowance out of the way in one go while it's charging, fine. If they interrupt normal activities, very not fine.

The app's Google Play listing says you should see an advert "every few times you unlock your phone," which could mean anything. We suspect it'll mean the second time a rubbish, ham-fisted attempt at cloning a viral video advert for crisps interrupts your plans, it'll get uninstalled.

Tesco says the deal should see its lucky users honoured to be exposed to infantile social media campaigns from the likes of Doritos, Branston and British Airways, with pay monthly and SIM only plan users the first to get a go on it -- and handed an extra 200MB data allowance per month to cover the ads' use. [Tesco Mobile via BBC]

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