That Syria / Ayia Napa Party Boat Mix Up is Fake

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A bunch of lads with beer bellies, brightly-coloured shorts and arm tats have pulled off quite the ruse, tricking a number of publications into reporting that they’d ended up in Syria after getting pissed up in Ayia Napa and mistakenly catching a boat to the war-torn country.

The boys -- Lewis Ellis, 25, from Manchester, Alex McCormick, 19, from Colchester, and James Wallman, 23, from somewhere not important enough to have a name in Hertfordshire -- said they realised their mistake halfway through the 100-mile trip, and were taken to a Russian military base when they finally reached land.

"The last club closed at 7.30am so we just powered through to our 9am boat trip and ended up blagging our way onto the wrong boat,” Ellis told the Mirror Online, embellishing the tale with Snapchat pictures and trying not to burst with laughter. "We were wearing boardshorts, hungover, looking like we were ready for a boat party. Everyone was foreign and it was pretty much half way out from the island when we asked 'how come we're so far away from land?'"

Which is when McCormick stepped in. "Eventually we found a translator and when we told him he just fell about laughing,” he added. "We hung round in their quarters and they took pictures of us before we could get the boat back."

But it was all bantz! The chaps made the whole thing up, with Mr Ellis having a good laugh about his cheeky prank on Facebook.

A dark period of never-ending April Fools' Day-style news reports awaits. Sigh. [Mirror, Facebook]