The AA Patronises the Nation With Little Special Highway Code for Cyclists

By Gary Cutlack on at

Motoring organisation the AA clearly wants to get drivers and cyclists tearing at each others' throats again, as it's decided to release a special version of the Highway Code that's been edited down to just the key elements that cover bicycles. Either because it cares about riders or hates them and wants to wind down a metaphorical window and punch them off into a lamppost.

The AA's Cyclists Highway Code combines the usual laws of the road stuff with a section about bike maintenance and overall safety, hoping to appeal to parents and learner riders with its simplifying of the laws of the road. So when you next see an angry confrontation between a man on a racing bike and a van driver about who owns a particular bit of road, you'll be able to intervene and point out exactly who is in the wrong.

Former champ racer and current bike rights enthusiast Chris Boardman said of the boiled down bike code: "The bicycle is such a simple tool, but one which can improve your health, reduce congestion and make our towns and cities more liveable. British Cycling welcomes the AA Cyclist’s Highway Code as it should encourage new cyclists and help parents get their children into cycling."

It's a fiver on Amazon. [AA via Standard]

Image credit: Cyclists from Shutterstock

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