The Best Gadgets and Gear For Your Outdoor Summer Adventures

By Tom Pritchard on at

Officially summer isn't quite here yet, but mother nature clearly has other ideas. With the sun shining more regularly, and temperatures high enough to warrant opening up a few windows, you're bound to want to head into the great outdoors for some sort of adventure. If that's the case, here are a few bits and pieces you should try take along for the ride.

Hydration Pack and Hydration Bladder, £15

Keeping yourself hydrated is important, especially when it's hot. You could carry a water bottle, but why settle for something so small? This bag has a hydration pack, capable of holding up to two litres of water to keep yourself topped up. The bag itself also has an eight litre capacity, for holding all your other gear. [Buy it here]

Solar Charger, £20

You're out, it's sunny, and you're going to need to top up your phone at some point. Slap this on the outside of your person (on your belt, or bag, or whatever), and it'll slowly charge up the internal battery and in turn keep your phone alive. It can store 15,000 mAh of power, so that should be more than enough to keep you going through the day. You can top it up from the mains too, just in case that day happens to be a bit cloudy.[Buy it here]

If you can't be dealing with solar power, and would rather have some extra juice, give this power pack a try. It'll top up up to three USB devices at once, and has a hefty 22,400 mAh capacity to keep you going.

Victorinox Expedition Kit, £136

So this is a bit pricey, but this Victorinox knife has 41 different functions. Forty one. Which is nuts. It's got all the usual multi-tool knife features, like a blade, tweezers, saw, etc, along with a few less common ones. Uncommon features like a compass, thermometer, sharpening stone, various digital clock features, an altimeter, barometer, and more. [Buy it here]

Ordnance Survey Mobile Apps, Free (with in-app purchases)

If you're off the normal path, standard mapping apps aren't going to cut it. You know what will? Ordnance Survey maps, and there's no need to buy a massive fold-up map either. The app has multiple apps of the country to help you find your way, but you do have to pay for them. There's no need to pull out the compass either since the app will keep track of your location using GPS, as any good mapping app should. [iOS | Android]

Microfibre Towel, £7

If it's hot you're going to get sweaty, and that's no good. So make sure to pack one of these and dry yourself off if need be. This one is microfibre, which means it's lightweight, fast drying, and pretty good at that whole 'water absorption' thing. A much better choice than an ordinary towel. [Buy it here]

Go Pro Hero Session, £160

So you're out, and you want to record your adventures for the world (or just friends and family) to see. Buy bother with a video camera you have to hold all the time, when you can record the whole thing with an action cam? The GoPro Hero Session is absolutely tiny, and should suit your needs. It's also waterproof, should the weather go to hell. [Buy it here]

Smatree GoPro Hero Baseball Cap, £15

So you want your action cam out, but can't be dealing with holding it or fixing some sort of apparatus to your person? Check this out instead. It's a baseball cap unlike any other since it has a clip for you to slot any GoPro Hero camera into. Then all you have to do it pop it on your head to record what you're getting up to. [Buy it here]

SteriPen UV Water Purifier, £85

If you're out all day you might run out of water. Natural sources are everywhere, but you can't be sure that they're not going to cause some sort of illness. Water purification tablets could work, but this little gizmo is even better. It uses UV light to sterilise your water, and kill any nasty bugs that would cause you harm. It won't take up much room in your bag/pocket, and it has enough charge to purify 500ml of water 40 times. [Buy it here]

Permethrin Insect Repellent, £28

Summer has many great qualities, but the bugs are not one of them. Always flying around getting in your way, and sometimes biting the ever-loving hell out of your delicate skin. Don't let them get near you with some insect repellent. Permethrin promises to keep those bugs away, and kill any that get too close. It also soaks into your clothes and is supposed to last six trips through the washing machine. This stuff isn't for using on your skin, though, and it's recommend that you also use some regular deet-based insect repellent on yourself for the full effect. [Buy it here]

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT5, £240

Your phone might be your main go-to camera, but it's not as good as a dedicated device. If you're out in the big bad world, the Lumix FT5 is one of your best bets. It protects from falls up to two metres high, is waterproof up to 12 metres, is freezeproof, and comes packing Wi-Fi, NFC, a 4.6x optical zoom, 16.1MP resolution, a 28mm wide angle lens, GPS, optical image stabilisation, and Full HD video recording. It can also be controlled remotely using your smartphone, and weighs less than 200 grams. [Buy it here]

A decent phone case

The last thing you want to do is damage your phone, and if you'd rather not leave it at home you'll need a decent case for it. Otterbox is a great place to try, since their stuff offers shock and screen protection. They have cases available for all sorts of phones, including the iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus, iPhone 5/5S/SE, Samsung Galaxy S7 (and Edge), Galaxy S6 (and Edge), Galaxy Note 5, HTC One M9, LG G5, and even the Lumia 650. You can also try these cases for the Xperia Z5, Z3, Nexus 6P, and HTC 10, which all offer shock protection.

Fitness tracker

If you're out and about you're probably going to want to keep track of everything. Distance travelled, how much work you've done, and so on. So grab yourself a fitness tracker that can monitor all that and automatically sync it over to your phone. There are more fitness trackers out there than stars in the sky, so make sure to check out our recent Battlemodo covering some of the biggest names.

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