The Good News is Your Bitcoins Have Gone Up Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

Today's news is all about graphs pointing down -- to a metaphorical financial hell of our own creation -- as the turmoil from the EU referendum result tears the money markets to pieces. But there's one bit of good news for anyone forward thinking enough to have whacked their entire pension pot into Bitcoin, as the digital currency has exploded in value now that our paper money's on the rack.

The cryptocurrency has put on nearly 10 per cent in value over the last few hours, as savers and anyone with any money left look for a safer haven. This rise comes on top of growth seen yesterday, and at one point Bitcoin was nearer 20 per cent higher in value than it was at the start of the week. When a pretend money invented by a secret man is seen as being a safer choice than the actual official currency of your country, things are pretty bad.


The value of gold has also risen substantially as people not into virtual currencies look for physical things to own instead of pieces of paper that might soon be burned by an invading army. All the Gizmodo UK spare cash has been invested in instant coffee and chocolate, as it's going to be quite a long day. [Quartz]

Image credit: Bitcoin from Shutterstock

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