The Motorola VerveOnes+ Are Scarily Expensive But Exquisitely Flashy

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Wait, Motorola’s doing headphones now? Not technically, so you can throw that hurtful comment you were just cooking up on the scrap heap. Though the VerveLife family bears the smartphone company’s name, the headphones are actually made by Binatone, which licenses Motorola’s branding. All clear? Good.

VerveLife is a new range of wireless headphones targeted primarily at runners, gym-monkeys and other such protein shake-guzzling humans with ears.

The VerveOnes+ are the biggies, coming in at a terrifying £229.99. They’re undeniably flash (that’s an early verdict) though, offering completely wireless sound, three hours of battery life and IP57-rated protection from dust, sweat and rain. They’re surprisingly stable in your ear holes too, once you’ve found the right gel.

The coolest feature, however, is the funky, cylindrical charging case that comes with them, providing 12 hours of power. There’s support for Siri and Google Now, and a version (VerveOnes without the +) costing £199.99 is available too.

Next up, VerveLoop+. They’re a lot cheaper at £59.99, comprising a pair of earbuds connected by a slim wire, but pretty much just as capable as the Ones+, if not quite as showy. The VerveLoop+ set are also IP57-protected, with support for Siri and Google Now, and offer up to nine and a half hours of battery life.

The £79.99 VerveRider+ earbuds, meanwhile, come attached to a lightweight band that sits across the back of your neck. Once again, there’s Siri and Google Now support and an IP57 rating, though battery life is up to 12 hours. The VerveRider (no plus) set loses the waterproofing but saves you £30, coming in at £59.99.

You can find all of the models online here, and can buy them from Amazon, John Lewis and Currys PC World.