The Perfect Backpack for Lazy People Ensures You'll Always Have a Place to Sit

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Rush-hour commuting is tough, especially when you can't get a seat and have to stand up for the journey, surrounded by fellow disgruntled commuters. If this sounds like your way into work, Brando’s got just the backpack for you.

The Foldable Chair Backpack doesn’t break any new ground when it comes to the design, capacity, or comfort, but its trick is revealed when the breathable padding that rests against your back pops up, revealing metal support legs underneath — to create a sturdy stool. It's the perfect tool for making those still-standing train-users around you jealous as your knees take a rest and theirs don't.

The added feature doesn’t add much weight to the pack either, and while not as comfy as a normal chair, it’s a better alternative to having to plunk down on dirty train floors. [Brando]