National Rail Data Joins Apple's Transit Maps, But iOS Can't Find Yorkshire

By Gary Cutlack on at

Until now, it was only "London, England" that had its travel data feeds incorporated within the iOS Maps Transit directions tools -- now Apple has added the complete set of feeds from all of the UK National Rail systems too.

Users of Apple's Maps service should now be able to use the Maps Transit feature to get accurate journey times and arrivals data for all of our many overground rail franchises, making it much easier to have your phone tell you where and when you have to stand in order to get to a place.

Early reports from users suggest it's all live today, even though vast chunks of the North seem to be missing and Apple Insider's test journey from "London to Yorkshire" pictured above takes it in the opposite direction to West Worthing on the south coast, presumably because someone in San Francisco thought "West Worthing" sounds quite northern and may well be in Yorkshire and didn't check.

And if you see someone staring glumly at their mobile phone and looking like they want to throw themselves under a train because their operating system told them to take a train heading south instead of north, National Rail has launched something of its own to help -- mobile site Rail 505. It's a web-based contact form you can use to quickly report people who look like they're about to take the quickest way out of the station. [Apple Insider]

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