They Keep Releasing New Ghostbusters Teasers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony Pictures is not yielding to public pressure and pretending the new Ghostbusters doesn't exist. It's saying it does exist and it's going to come out no matter how many accounts you create to thumbs-down its trailers, and look! Here's another one. It's definitely going to come out. In the cinemas.

This latest teaser for the forthcoming release features the most important part of the series -- the slime. They've made it pink and sparkly and it smells of lavender now, and when you rub it on your face you look younger and... no they haven't.

It's green and gloopy still and we even get to see it being whizzed up in a factory scale processor.

Come on now, you like videos of women having gunge thrown all over their faces, right? This one's definitely going to get the thumbs-up treatment and turn the tide in favour of the rebooted team. [YouTube]

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