Tower Bridge Maintenance Closure to Affect Both Drivers and Pedestrians

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

City of London Corporation has braved the wrath of the capital’s drivers by announcing the temporary closure of Tower Bridge to all vehicles. The 122-year-old landmark will be driver-free for three months from October as it requires a bit of TLC, with its timber decking set to be replaced, its road and walkways in need of resurfacing and the archways on the approach to the bridge in need of waterproofing.

Though TfL says that the impact caused by the closure will be 'minimal', 21,000 vehicles are reported to use the bridge every day. That translates to a lot of disrupted journeys.

"Obviously this iconic bridge needs to be looked after but the traffic problems associated with it just show how crucial bridge capacity is in London,” said Edmund King, the president of the AA. “The Seine in Paris has almost twice as many crossings as the Thames in London. This shows the dire need for further east London bridge crossings." Instead, we're talking about creating a fucking Garden Bridge, because central London needs to be prettier.

It’s not only drivers that’ll be affected, either. Tower Bridge will be closed to touristspedestrians on three weekends, but a free replacement ferry service will be provided. Now that doesn't sound too bad. [Telegraph]