Twitter Welcomes You to St Pancras With Four Hours of Free Wi-Fi

By Gary Cutlack on at

Twitter has signed an odd deal with the operators of St Pancras International station in London to boost the Wi-Fi options available within, letting users sign into the station's free Wi-Fi service using their Twitter account details alone -- then thanking them for doing so by letting users stay connected for four solid, eye-straining, battery-depleting hours. Those newly disembarked foreigners won't believe how good we have it here.

The deal, assembled in association with existing station Wi-Fi provider Wifi Metropolis, kicks in today, and will -- via methods we literally cannot understand -- present first-time connectors with the same current options of nicking a quick free ten minutes without signing in, creating a traditional account, or doing it via Twitter. Someone at Twitter's UK division must do a lot of international travelling.

The social site's UK  boss Dara Nasr said: "We’re always looking at ways we can make life easier and more beneficial for our users and also we know how important WiFi is to both travellers and commuters. I’m delighted anyone with a Twitter account will get access to faster and unlimited WiFi when they’re at St Pancras." [Twitter]

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