UK Gang Jailed for Laughably Straightforward Multi-Million Euro Monopoly Money Heists

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

An outrageously audacious gang that managed to cheat multiple UK jewellers out of millions by re-enacting that scene from Kingpin and sneakily paying them Monopoly money has been sentenced to a little spell behind bars. Gianni Accamo, Dusica Nikolic, Dragoslav Djordjevic, Juliano Nikolic and Bruno Nikolic have been sent down for pulling off the shockingly simple swindle, which could have been cooked up by an infant.

The biggest single exploit saw John Calleija, who has a shop in the Royal Arcade, Old Bond Street, cheated out of almost €8 million (£6.1 million). Accamo, posing as a bling expert, struck up a deal with him and handed over bundles of genuine Euro notes, which Calleija and his bodyguard proceeded to count.

All good. However, once they’d turned their backs, Accamo switched the cash-loaded briefcase (probably a briefcase) for one packed with Monopoly money, much of which was stealthily sandwiched between real Euro notes. The fact that the rest simply had the word ‘Monopoly’ covered up by paper bands proves that all foreign money is definitely a joke. This wouldn't happen with banknotes of the pound sterling. Similar scams were pulled off in Bristol and Leeds.

“The fraud operated required you men to establish confidence in your victims so it was thought you could be trusted," said Judge Julian Lambert, presumably between stifled giggles. "You operated as a crime group, using reconnaissance and meticulous planning. It required considerable ingenuity and effort to establish dishonest ends.”

Accamo has been sent down for six years, with his fellows receiving sentences between seven years and four months, and 22 months. [Guardian]