Video Shows Two Passenger Jets Landing Side-By-Side at the Same Time

By Casey Chan on at

The best part about flying on an plane is that moment during the final approach: you look outside your airplane window and see the city where you’re about to land from way up above, and comment on why so many people have pools in their backyards and see how big the roads are and delight at all the parks and so forth. It’s so fun! There’s so much to see! But the last thing I’d expect to see during that moment is another plane landing at the same time as my plane on the runway right next to mine.

Redditor shadytradesman took the video of the two planes landing simultaneously at San Francisco International (SFO) airport. Supposedly, this kind of dual landing isn’t exactly an uncommon occurrence at SFO, but it’s still really neat to see a big ol' plane mirroring another big ol' plane during landing.