Vodafone Adds All-you-can-read App Readly to Subscribers

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK bit of mobile phone network Vodafone has done a deal with magazine aggregator app Readly, and is now offering the service to all of its contract and pay monthly customers -- with a one-month free trial on offer to help convince people that reloading Reddit is not the only thing to do on a phone.

The interesting part is that it'll allow signer-uppers to pay via their mobile phone bill, which Vodafone thinks might somehow appeal to our senses of security and the way delaying paying for things magically makes it seem like we get stuff for free for a short period of time. Empire, Q, FHM and Top Gear await, although FHM's been axed so presumably it's only a back issues thing there. Handy if you have/had a thing for Gail Porter, though.

Vodafone marketing boss David James said "The days of reading old issues of magazines in waiting rooms are numbered," which is quite a shame, as many of the most memorable reading experiences come from being trapped and picking up some three-year-old copy of the New Yorker an old lady donated and learning something about the rainforest or physics.

The bad news is that, apart from the free month for trying it out, there's no discount or any other particular reason to get Readly via Vodafone instead of... just installing it. A subscription through Vodafone is still £7.99, so it's mainly of benefit to any 14-year-olds out there whose parents pay their phone bill.

Also in Vodafone news today, it's announced Vodafone Rapid -- an enhanced insurance service for customers on its Business Premier plans that gets them a potentially career-saving replacement phone within four hours should it take a trip down the toilet on a team bonding day out. [Vodafone]

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