Vodafone Considering Moving HQ Outside UK (Along With Thousands of Jobs) Following Brexit

By Gerald Lynch on at

Vodafone has warned that it is considering moving its current HQ out of London, dependant on the decisions made following the UK's vote to leave the European Union.

In a statement emailed to the press, the telecoms giant cited how important it felt it was to its business that the UK retain "movement of people, capital and goods" following last week's referendum, all elements of business put at risk by the Brexit.

While it had yet to "draw any firm conclusions regarding the long-term location for the headquarters," the statement continued by saying that EU membership had helped the growth of its business. As a pan-European company trading across the continent, Vodafone benefited from shared legal trade rules across all member states, and now feared the ramifications of Britain excluding itself from plans to form a shared, giant digital single market within the EU.

108,000 people work for Vodafone outside the UK, but 13,000 jobs sit in the UK, too. While an operating division exists in Berkshire, the company's sizeable headquarters are based in London. Any decision made to move Vodafone's HQ would likely put hundreds if not thousands of jobs at risk.

Vodafone's potential exit follows similar ruminations from the likes of Visa and EasyJet in the post-Brexit world.