Where Have We Seen the Apple News Logo Before?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Gamers. Apple fans. Both quite good at noticing tiny things and then making them into massive things and having fights that end up on the news. Hence this. People from both camps have noticed that Apple's new News logo that heads up its redesigned aggregator within iOS 10 really quite clearly resembles a thing from a game.

Here's Apple's news News logo, top-right:

You can see what it's done. It's an N for News chopped up a bit so it looks like a logo, a brand, something for the user to subconsciously associate with half-reading things that seemed interesting at first but then turned out not to be. But then there's this:

That's the logo for Dota 2, a game, this doesn't start with an N, but does have a logo a bit the same. Isn't that amazing? Not really. Maybe it'll be more amazing if we make them the same size?

Oh dear no, if anything that's even less amazing. How about if they're both the same colour? Maybe that will make the similarity look amazing and lead to this post going viral among gamers and Apple fans:

Still not really getting it.

Nearly, but still no. And any more manipulation than this requires someone with a legitimate version of Photoshop and several more hours of time. [The Verge]

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