Who's Been Stealing London's Defibrillators?

By Gary Cutlack on at

This ordinary looking man here -- who could easily be one of us out to get a sandwich and browse phone shops on our lunch break -- is wanted by police, for the really quite unusual crime of stealing lots of defibrillators from London train stations.

The alleged crimes took place over one week in early April, when the potentially life-saving machines were all nicked from their cabinets at Stratford, Leytonstone, Bow Road, Woodford and Loughton stations, with a couple of the thefts happening under no cover of darkness right in the middle of the day. He really likes his defibrillators.

British Transport Police explained the crime -- and the fact that they all appear to have been captured on CCTV -- saying: "The man, on every occasion, approached the defibrillator cabinet at the station, opened it up and took the defibrillator out. He then either placed it into a bag or under his jacket and left the station."

Are there any on sale in CEX? Wouldn't mind one to use during the scary bits in films. Am getting on a bit. Can't be too careful. [London 24]

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