Wife Forces Man to Sell Unique Doctor Who Collection

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man's life work is about to go under the hammer at a UK auction house, with a stonking collection of 67 one-off pieces from TV and film needing rid of because the wife says it's time to downsize and he's never even really used the bloody Dalek anyway.

The collection includes an actual bloody Cyberman from Doctor Who, an actual bloody Tardis from a stage production of Doctor Who, an actual bloody Dalek used in spin-off movie Daleks - Invasion Earth: 2150 AD, stacks of really quite awful costumes from 1980s Who, plus more things used on TV including a handful of Spitting Image puppets.



An actual bloody egg from bloody Alien.


A "Dalek Trooper" from when they tried to be like Star Wars and made a trip to Plumbase for the parts.

An actual bloody Doctor Who fruit machine.


Quite the haul of niche TV and film artifacts. What crazy person wouldn't want all this shit in their living room and Davros on the mantelpiece? The aptly title specialist sale takes place today, and also includes film props from Batman, Braveheart and Alice in Wonderland. [Bamfords via BBC]

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