Win £10,000 By Paying Your Best Mate Back for Last Week's Dinner With the Circle App

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I do it, my mates do it, we all do it. Conveniently forgetting to pay someone back after they’ve been kind/foolish enough to dip into their wallet while you were pretending to be immersed in an uncharacteristically hilarious message from your mum.

“Funny joke?”

[Keep smiling, shake head] “Ha, yeah… you probably wouldn’t get it though.”

How about this as an incentive for paying off all of your social debts? You could bag yourself a rather tasty-looking £10,000 (as well as a clean conscience) for doing so, by entering Circle’s Share The Love competition. The social payment app is giving away the grand prize to one lucky user.

Circle lets you instantly transfer money back to your nearest and dearest through a text message or email, taking the pain out of those annoying everyday situations like splitting bills multiple ways. You can use it to chase down the cash you’re owed too, and there are no hidden fees or transfer limits. Security features such as PIN codes, touch ID and two-factor authentication ensures you always have control over your money.

How do you enter? All you need to do is download the free app (here for iOS users, here for Android users), link a bank card to your Circle account by snapping a picture of it and send a payment -- complete with a photo or GIF -- to another Circle customer through the app.

Entries close on June 30th though, so you’re going to have to work out your smallest debt sharpish. Was it from five-a-side last week? The pub session straight after? That slice of pizza you drunkenly pinched as a joke but accidentally dropped on the pavement? Wrack those brains!